About us

The Story of Currengo

Currengo is for every home designer looking to create a warm & cozy home atmosphere. Our collections are rooted in Japandi, a combination of the Danish tradition of simplicity, and Japanese natural aesthetics. Our main goal is to create simple, elegant and relaxing environments for all our customers through our products

We want our products to connect people closer to nature & bring joy through the little things - from a cute animal hook to a cup of tea in a hand-painted ceramic Japanese cup

We strive to be respectful & dedicated in our selection of products, our interaction with people and our surrounding nature. Our approach to products is always creative & harmonious, resulting in a careful selection of unique, functional, long-lasting & joy-creating products

The name Currengo comes to 'present', describing our dedication to connecting people, connecting East to West, connecting Scandinavian to Japanese design and as a result achieving the best of products from both worlds

We at Currengo are proud to offer warmth, connection & joy to your home