Læser bøger i japansk stil

Reading books in Japanese style

There is nothing I enjoy more than taking time to read a good book, with a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Recently, I've been particularly enjoying a cup of green or white tea in two of our Japanese handmade ceramic cups with floral motifs. The floral patterns on one of the cups are inspired by spring in beautiful blue & green colours, and the other inspired by autumn in calm red & orange autumn colours.

With both cups, I especially like their common structure, but that the choice of color gives them very different feelings. I have immediately used them mostly for tea when I read books or work, but have also found them fine for many other drinks, such as coffee & water. For example, I have also used them several times for a good filter coffee.

I hope you will enjoy our collection of Japanese flower cups as much as we have. You are more than welcome to share your photos of our Japanese flower collection and how you have made them a part of your home!

Japanese flower tea cups

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