Keramik krukke med låg til køkkenet

Ceramic jar with lid for the kitchen

We are incredibly proud of our fine ceramic jars with lids for the kitchen. This is mainly due to their smooth, matte and even ceramic surface in three attractive colors - white, black and green. In addition, the beautiful natural wooden lid of bamboo wood is both incredibly environmentally friendly, but also really robust, making our storage containers perfect for regular use in the kitchen. It should also be mentioned that all containers are hermetically sealed, which means that you prevent pests.

I myself use a lot of all three sizes for different purposes in everyday life:

  • The small ceramic jar with a lid I use for storing smaller things, such as spices, salt, pepper, and also tea and coffee.
  • I use the medium-sized jar with a lid for muesli, flour and various grains for baking. Also often uses the jar for almonds and other delicious snacks :)
  • I use the large jar with a lid as a storage container for rice, oatmeal, pasta and other foods that I use in large quantities and for regular cooking.

We would really like to hear more about your experiences with our beautiful ceramic jars with lids, so you are more than welcome to share comments and photos.

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