Håndlavet keramisk krus uden hank når man arbejder hjemme

Handmade ceramic mug without a handle when working at home

Most of us have now become accustomed to working at home. This has been both good and bad for many, so I'll list a few of the things I've really enjoyed about working from home. I am e.g. became really happy to make a delicious cappuccino and to pour it into my favorite ceramic mugs without a handle.

I drink coffee about three times a day, and have been incredibly happy to be able to make a delicious cup of coffee at home instead of having to settle for what you can get at the workplace. The experience is only made better by using our Japanese handmade ceramic cup.

The special experience comes when you start drinking from the mug. It starts with the fact that you can only see the nice solid outer color of the cup. This is until drinking from the cup, at which point the beautiful hidden inner layers of color become more and more apparent to finally reveal a whole new hidden dimension of the cup.

I have especially been really happy with the turquoise hidden interior color. Even though I drink three cups of coffee per day, the effect still affects me. Every time I look forward to the little joy of being able to rediscover the beautiful layers of color.

You are more than welcome to share your experience with our Japanese ceramic mug without handle in the comments.

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