One with nature

One of our great desires has always been to bring nature into the home. That was one of the reasons why we introduced our handmade porcelain cups with natural shapes .

Two of my favorite cups are the red natural porcelain cup and the gray natural porcelain cup. They both have a nice uneven surface it gives a unique sensory experience both when looking and holding the cup. Their natural forms for them to fit in nicely with plants and other porcelain in the home. In addition, they do well on the summer table when the weather is right .

I myself often use them mostly for coffee as it gives a nice contrast with the colors of the cup. Tea is also suitable, but its colors are more easily seen with an all-white porcelain cup, such as our Japanese Mino cup series .

I can highly recommend the entire Naturformet Porcelain series, as cups from the series have quickly become one of my own favorite cups that I use daily. All cups are dishwasher safe, which makes them especially suitable for frequent use .

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