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Beautiful, warm & minimalist interior

Our collections are rooted in Japandi, a combination of the Danish tradition of simplicity, and Japanese natural aesthetics. Our main goal is to create simple, elegant and relaxing environments for all our customers through our products

Japanese porcelain

Our collection of Japanese ceramic cups in the Mino series contains a... 

  • Japanese Mino porcelain cups

    handmade & designed in Minonokuni style, which finds inspiration from plants in nature. The cup is hand painted with simple & elegant colours. In Japanese culture, they are intended for tea, but are also very suitable for coffee, water & other drinks

Natural shaped porcelain

The naturally shaped porcelain cups are handmade, with a nice natural surface... 

  • Natural shaped porcelain cup

    The naturally shaped blue, gray and white porcelain cups are handmade, with a beautiful natural surface structure. The contrast between the eye-catching color of the rim and the smooth blue, gray or white color of the cup provides a spectacular, unique and functional design suitable for tea, coffee and other hot and cold beverages.

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